Donnelley Financial Solutions

Custom translation software solution for multilingual cross-border litigation


Content: Legal documents, litigation, e-discovery

Technologies: Custom machine translation, locale and industry domain adaptation

Integration: Iconic MT API accessed via connectors to MultiTrans


Donnelley Financial Solutions provides software and services that enable clients to communicate with confidence in a complex regulatory environment. Donnelley Financial Solutions was tasked with providing an end-to-end translation solution for a complex litigation case faced by their multinational client in the Americas involving huge volumes of documentation in various languages for in-country review in the USA and turned to Iconic for a custom e-discovery Machine Translation (MT) solution. 



With large volumes of highly sensitive content requiring translation, Donnelley Financial Solutions was eager to integrate secure, scalable e-discovery MT technology into their end-to-end translation workflow. The confidential material needed to be translated into English for in-country review. The high volume of content, combined with the short turn-around times required, presented both practical and cost challenges that only translation software could help to solve.



Iconic collected a large volume of data in a range of formats from Donnelley Financial Solutions. Using this data, Iconic identified corresponding translated documents and aligned the sentences for extraction and use as training data for a custom e-discovery MT system for this case. Iconic incorporated client-specific terminology and adapted software where necessary to achieve a high quality MT output, facilitating ease of post-editing. A feedback loop between linguists and Iconic also helped to further customise and optimise the engine post-production.


Seamless integration into translation workflows

Iconic MT engine incorporated into the production workflow via Iconic plug-in for MultiTrans translation management system.

Secure, cost-effective MT solution

Leads to the machine translation of millions of words for post-editing, saving substantial time and costs for the multinational client of Donnelley Financial Solutions.


Donnelley Financial Solutions provides software and services that enable clients to communicate with confidence in a complex regulatory environment. With 3,500 employees in 61 locations across 18 countries, we provide thousands of clients globally with innovative tools for content creation, management and distribution, as well as data analytics and multi-lingual translations services. Leveraging advanced technology, deep-domain expertise and 24/7 support, we deliver cost-effective solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.



Iconic Translation Machines is a leading machine translation software and solutions provider who specialise in custom solutions tailored with subject matter expertise for specific industry sectors including legal, life sciences and financial services.

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